Home time

John j

Mono Don
@Vincey was hungry so quickly tieded van to get home to me salad @casper
Why have you got so many hop ups? Are you a hobbit?
Ones lads . Other 3 are mine. One tall en a wickes one . The little yellow en I saw at b nq for 15 quid. Opened it and relised it was really low doh. But does come in handy
I can’t cope, and I always think my vans a mess lol!
Got to have a section for boards and need to have levels etc off the floor or I’d crumble :ROFLMAO:

keep telling it how it is though John(y)
I purposely dont do anything that costs me extra cash. Believe it or not I can find anything in that van
That unorganised shambles will cost you more money that it would to rack out, if you add up all the minutes f**k**g about on various jobs trying to find gear.
But each to their own.