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Just dropped in to say Hi!!

been doing a little lurking........... rude i know, but this is a big place and didnt know where to start.... so I'm sorry for not speaking sooner :)
thanks :) i figured that already lol!! why do you think i kept quiet for a while :RpS_blushing:
heyyyyyyy!! and i did know what you meant bubbles, i was taking the wee, seen i had seen all the banter on here i thought i better get prepared haha! are you a carpet salesman??
probably both, you come here to lay the carpets when one of the plasterers has finished his plastering? lol
Alright pip? Don't lurk, join in!!... Have you seen Peter peterson?? By any chance? I know it's a long shot but you never know. Welcome to the asylum:RpS_thumbsup:
Hi Fatarm, thanks i shall join in now i have said hello, there have been a few times i wanted to join in on a convo and didnt dare because i hadnt introduced myself properly! well now i have :) ermmmm no i havent seen Peter Peterson, not yet anyways, whats he all about or have you lost him? lol! asylum haha i like and its true u lot are all a right laugh with your comments, i especially like the gardening bit :RpS_lol:
You haven't introduced yerself really though, who are you, what do you do and waddaya want?:rolleyes)
Bubbles, your from up north yeah? calling me lass i noticed, did u mean ASL? haha!

i work in accounts
i am female
i am not a plasterer or spreader either,
i come in peace and wondered what the attraction was seen as this place is talked about,
so i am here and now i see what keeps you all coming back,
can i leave the table please now daddy? lol
hi Nisus :) Peppa by all means just not the pig bit after it :RpS_thumbup:

Bubbles, thats so funny!!! made me LOL!! the two guys that i was stood behind in B n Q were talking about this place, and the curiosity got the better of me being a woman :RpS_blushing: u know the rest.
i had a profile picture up but when i saw all of your pictures were of different things and not of yourselves i changed it.

mmmmmmmmm? so where i am suppose to put a pic? help me navigate please!
Seriously guys !

Look I know you like the banter as do we all, I know the lady can handle it, but are most of you all on heat? Time of the month? not getting any? or something we should know about?
Perhaps its an attention thing? who knows?

anyway, I'am leaving you all with a thought this eve as spoken by Yeardley Smith,

"Is your remarkably sexist drivel intentional, or just some horrible mistake?"

Welcome PIP.

Rock on !
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