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I dont mind taking sockets and light switches off, and putting them back on but that's as far as I go, a customer years back wanted there bedroom reskimmed told me he was taking the rad off I noticed the trv had snapped so was just a pin I told him to cap it afterwards incase he hadn't shut the valve off properly low and behold a couple of days later he rings me to postpone the job as it leaked and damaged his living room ceiling aswell so he ended up getting a plumber out in the end anyway won't touch anything to do with plumbing
Ye should always fit end caps when they are removed in all cases ...the trv is designed to open when temps drop even if its in the off position to prevent pipes freezing...


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Na scratch that. I’ll not bother just for your cheek.
Customer’s happy. I’m happy.
f**k the radiator.


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See. I’m right. Your wrong. Again!


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