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Gasafe guy I work with had a claim on him last year, alleged leaking joint thro' floor needing a brand new fitted cupboard downstairs, carpet etc etc. Never got to see it himself, insurance paid out and put his premium up a thousand a year afterwards.
Air lock after draining a rad is a probability, pressurise the system yourself afterwards and if anything pops off or leaks, even if knackered and old, anywhere else in the house, you will be held liable.
I'm very capable of doing the job, I'm even good at bending piope and solderering, but when decorating my own housing association home - called in a friendly plumber & paid him.
Tell that to Billy bullshit..


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I do tell customers that it would better to remove them some do some don't. Those that don't get told that you'll get round it as best you can. The idea you can't get an acceptable finish behind a radiator is nonsense,what are midget trowels, margin trowels and pipe trowels for.
Midget trowels are racist, margin trowels are shite and pipe trowels are for flipping burgers! Everyone knows that!


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Tell that to Billy bullshit..
I wouldn't dream of telling him anything, he's got his position and is comfortable with it, others have their own. We all chip in and have our say, and learn, or agree to disagree. Besides, he paid me the compliment of saying I was Ruff and familiar with a badgers arse... or was it looked like one...ummm
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The first and last time i used my pipe trowel was to get behind 2 gas pipes in a kitchen only for the customer to say oh darling you don't need to do that there being boxed in after I just put the second coat on behind it the f**k**g bitch, my pipe trowel is now used to swat flys in this f**k**g heat but I may take cockneys advice and seexwhat there like at flipping burgers