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It’s about to kick off in lytham @algeeman

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I just read this thread and it confused the f**k out of me


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f**k**g wank, that’s my luck in betting boys. Pick the only game in prem we’re both teams don’t score and even playing against 10 men.


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well i enjoyed that little pre- run .....
right whos up for for the real deal.
list up lads lets smash the fuuck out of it !!!!!!


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i think the problem here was speed betting.
we all need time to have a proper look at the matches when its your turn....if its your turn relax and pick a game whenever you see fit.
no need to put a match on everyday.
weve all agreed its a long season.
im up for starting again.


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Mate just all put in to one account. Whoever has biggest b*ll***s. Then we bet once a week on premier leauge.

Set targets or cash out points to vote like £1000, £5000 etc