football syndicate


It’s A Boy
anyone interested ??
get your names up here we'l sort a list out.
use your own accounts 1 bet at a time taking turns.
we'l be super fuucking rich by the end of the season !!!
whos in ??
How’s it work algee?
get a list of members whos interested.
put £5 into your own betting account.
takes turns choosing a bet on footy.
both score/team win etc.
put winnings onto the next days/weekends match.

say i choose today chelsea to win
then we all back £5 on it .....
then tomorrow whoever is next on the list chooses a bet then winnings go onto that bet.
next on the list picks his bet and winnings again go onto it.
1 bet at a time never on the same day.
Av a look tonight alg

Im chucking jt ion Saturday afternoon


#nothomeby1 @John j


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