F***ed off with buying new stapler what to get?


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yellow stanley one. brilliant bit of kit. if you miss the hole on the bead itll go through the metal


That's what I have I've brought two of them but just seems alright for 3 weeks then just goes like


I use the Stanley staples aswell at first it would do anything but now after 3 months or so and 2 later it stops doing as well and it defo doesn't work on stop beads


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with some stop beads you have to angle the stapler to hit the gaps in the metal , what size staples are you using ?


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I started using the hook on beads about 18months ago and never looked back. Easier to fix and a lot more rigid


I started using the hook on beads about 18months ago and never looked back. Easier to fix and a lot more rigid
I do like the hook on as well and if in the rare occasion they dont stay on then you nail them anyway :D I use Clout nails and the shorter the better :D
Stanley grey aluminium one , keep it dry in it bag rather than tool bucket will keep going for a while, that way but I do find after a while the screws on it become loose and fall out that's when it becomes useless


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I got a dewault yellow one. I'm not very good with the staple way but I use brad pins in it and fire through the metal.


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Wickes one is the best. 15 per cent off this weekend,plus further 10 per cent if you have trade card. Good heavy duty stapler.

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Every staple gun iv had so far have spose to be anti jam but has not been the case.. I can't work out wots a good stapler :/


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Yellow Stanley. If I scrim up a lot of boarding in front I will bang a couple of staples in here and there.

There's nothing worse than walking in to skim a ceiling and all the scrims on the floor.

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One of the lads got one it's much better than my sharpshooter. I wonder if hilti do one?? The corded ones are like a mini nail gun but as I'm a clumsy oaf the less cables around the better
Don't know if hilti do one. But am happy with that one so far. f**k all kick back aswell when u shot it.