Dreamteam Season 2

arti mate you got my email addy? ill paypal you what i owe you

not been on here for ages cos its **** on my phone and the laptop is fooked
Ffs Ian. The juice has been running since you ain't paid so it's £50 now. I was gonna send the heavies round but beddy and lordy were too busy
Ffs Ian. The juice has been running since you ain't paid so it's £50 now. I was gonna send the heavies round but beddy and lordy were too busy
Soz mate honestly x whats crack with dreamtesm 3?
Im just getting some numbers together and then we'll crack on like last year. Ill keep it at £20 per entry. so ill expect to get paid off you sometime between 2015-16..........................:rolleyes)............................:RpS_wink:
Happy to Sponsor another season.

Would anyone be keen on the first prize being a week's hire for a machine FOC? Or would you prefer tools etc?

Obviously with the machine hire there will be T's & C's
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You need to register and select your team from The Sun £500,000 Dream Team Fantasy Football. Your 1st team entry is free and you can pre-register a team now and confirm your registration on 16th August. (loads of transfers are still to be made so it might be worth hanging on till just before the season kicks off to confirm your team.

Even if you dont have a scooby doo about picking a team your can a lucky dip computer generated team to get you started. Once you have a team, if you want to join the forum league the entry fee is £20 (payment by paypal and i will supply my email address for payment). I will then send out the league PIN & Password by either email or PM from the forum. ( i published these details last year on the forum and some random numpty ended up joining the league whose wasnt from the forum :rolleyes)) so these details are highly classified :RpS_wink:

We will have a prize fund at the end of the season for the top 3 marragers (thats not a spelling mistake).

Hopefully Danny will be contributing this year....:rolleyes) like he said he would last year and we got the square root of fu@k all off him

Depending on prizes i will try to do a prize for Marrager of the Month (MOM). Last year we had prizes for everyone in the league wether you won a MOM or not........:RpS_thumbsup:.

I will post when transfer windows are coming up and various other information as required. The Sun £500,000 Dream Team Fantasy Football has all the information if you need it or just PM me with any questions.

Leagues were limited to 10 teams last year so places are limited..................its just for fun and there is plenty banter.........My young appentice clarky was the Marrager of the season last year and im sure he will be more than happy to give us all the benefit of his knowledge

Any other forum sponsors willing to help out with prizes would be very welcome..............maybe one of the PFT sponsors could donate a Ritmo.......................:RpS_wink:

Once you have a team, paypal me your hard earned and ill give you the secret code..............hopefully i wont mixed this up with the code for the key pad on the G** section..................dont want any fiborus G** boys in there

My paypal addy is [email protected]

just realised your never sent it to friends or family and ive only received £19.12...........Bloody Southerners...................:RpS_thumbdn:

If anybody sends a paypal payment just click on to send it to friends or family and you wont get charged...................:RpS_thumbup:
Oops, Maybe its just taken the exchange rate into consideration, where your northern pounds are worth a bit less then our eastern pounds, I'll post a couple of shiny pebbles and a mammoth pelt to sweeten the pot. :)