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    Feb blue grit not bonding properly

    I had the exact same 2 weeks ago. Was fbloody nightmare. Had another spread on job with me and he had same issue.
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    Dewalt or makita

    Cheers bof, have always been makita but people saying dewalt are a much better bit of kit now
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    Dewalt or makita

    Decided I need to upgrade, full range of tools but tied between dewalt and makita. Always had makita and have used their collated screw gun. What’s the dewalt one like ? Any recommendations
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    Can we not help each other?

    Probably already been said. I Get the survival of the fittest etc but surely on here everyone seems fairly stand up guys and girls , can we not have a thread running where we update where stock is in each area so we can try and help each other rather than the Toyota Prius brigade buying it all...
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    Unhappy with plastering job - cold bridge roof to blame?

    I’ve seen week 1 16 year olds In colleges do neater
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    Officially packed in skimming

    You can get a stair deck. Not cheap but if a few of you work in an area just all club together- £200 each and no broken bones
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    Small job pricing

    The decorator is a mate who in true form cane down and told me straight away. It’s plain to see why some people have money
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    Small job pricing

    So today’s job- repair some old light holes in ceiling, reskim whole lid, customer WANTED flooring protection as well as sheets so that was added to quote. Find out he quibbled my price with the decorator who was working upstairs saying he thought it was steep...... he was paying for what he...
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    carlite finish

    I’ve never used it, too new to the game for It to Have been about. Can you use it over most things like multi?
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    Sourcing Plaster....

    If you use a wickes then nows the time to give the manager a drink......take from that what you will
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    Driveway fix-

    Cheers all
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    Driveway fix-

    Random and not plaster based but got to relay some of my crazy pave drive and there’s a lot of experience on the group. What mix would anyone recommend for bedding the slabs? Cars are going over it. Never done much paving before
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    Sourcing Plaster....

    If anyone has a Hitchcock and kings near them they have been spot on locally. Stayed open throughout, get finish in but do an order system- 10 bags a head but only by order- when it comes they don’t put it out and keep the local lads who have ordered in stock. Won’t sell it to obvious profiteers
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    Sharp internals

    Did it look like a car windscreen ice scraper? Fella I used to work with had one, looked like a xmas cracker toy but did the business
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    It’s crazy, I’m lucky I have work but unluckily I have no finish to do said work. I’ve never been one to roll over and watch myself sink so I’ve just had to go to the drawing board and think. Luckily I live in an area where people have more money than sense and have all been doing their gardens...