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    Monocouche Render on Exterior House

    Flat backed head brigade could of done this.
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    Smooth life (+ limewash)

    Boards and screws adhere pretty well when used together.
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    Grey plasterboard on ceiling under wallpaper

    It’s grey skim Rodney, you plonker!
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    Skimming around chimney breast

    Thought it was a typo and you was skimming a round chimney breast. That would of been interesting. You need to put pictures up.
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    Plaster advice

    Sweet Mary mother of Jesus, you just devalued your home. Or someone else’s poor abode.
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    How would you plasterboard this steel beam?

    Be more bothered about skimming that ceiling with the odd screw and washer holding it up.
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    Plastered ceiling dips at one end

    Plaster over the bricks. Shite anyway
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    Loading your Hawk….

    You say it like you don’t already
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    Loading your Hawk….

    Being on the forum 24/7 isn’t a sport.
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    K Rend rising damp problems, desperate for a solution!

    This job has been on before @Danny
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    Spray Cork

    Are you still dishing out free balloons Ryan?