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    S+c on steel lintle

    It is still on though. :numberone:
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    S+c on steel lintle

    It was only 2 days ago John.
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    Dura or sur double pole ones.
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    Kick in the nuts

    You’ll need some 4 inch scrim and 3 bags of bonding. He’s been boarding with outcuts out the skip again.
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    1st job nerves.

    I can see why you do long posts, short posts aren’t really for you. :tarjetaroja:
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    1st job nerves.

    I’ve seen 2 more than you.
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    1st job nerves.

    2 poo’s 3 wanks 50 push ups and a glass of water.
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    Colour match render - which sand?

    Have you tried 4 rendering sand 1 building sand 1 cement 10/15 years of weathering with a wheelie bin in front of it?
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    Weber prices

    You’ll have to ask yourself.
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    Weber prices

    Surely the make believe contractor on board should know? :reloco:
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    Oldest tool you own in daily use

    Still going strong this 22 years old now. :musculoso:
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    Large render job Liverpool

    Over an hours drive for me, bit to far for my liking.
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    Idiots everywhere.

    Elliots English is getting better, you should let him write all your posts from now John.
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    Scream if you want to go faster. :frenetico: