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    Nela black premium elite

    Fair one there! I thought we were on about nela black.... Definitely not the same thing
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    Nela black premium elite

    Used one for about 9 months to give it a fair run, absolutely shite for troweling up for some reason drags more than actually troweling muck up... Ended up using it to just lay on and lay down with but it pushing the water back in to the plaster and when troweling up seems to make things gritty...
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    Anyone know / recommend a decent 360-degree worklight?

    Milwaukee tripod light all the way maybe abit out of what your willing to spend but suberb light! Has 3 directional lights with a telescopic stand that goes around 8 foot tall, I think this is on the lowest setting in this pic. Collect tomorrow Milwaukee M18 HSAL-0 2.15m 18 / 110V Li-Ion...
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    Stop beads?

    Make the shelves bigger?
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    Update for you all got a call back from them 3 days after asking when I can start as they are more than happy with the additional work I suggested... Apparently had another spread in said they'd do it in 3 days and quoted 600 quid but they said they didn't seem competent to do the job told them...
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    Fair point dude... I don't particularly need the work but extra cash is always welcome
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    f**k me the quotes just become £2190 and il take the rest of the month off with covid
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    Lovely job! I will let them know I'm not willing to drop quality just for the sake of their purse strings... If they come back to me I might not have any availability till after Xmas
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    Only if you've been a good boy!
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    Two days work dude so not loads in reality... Only asking as not long been doing domestics, Il be making 600 notes off the job if they want me to do it not bad for 2 days work so my business is fine thanks for asking!
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    Random one I've had today... Just done a quote for a potential client, as soon as I got there to price up I was told they've had another plasterer in and they've quoted 800 quid for the job and said its too high for their liking. Now I walked through the job with them few heating pipes about...
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    Roof rack plasterboards

    Cut them in half and stick them in :')
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    1st Wall Plastered

    I'd say your problem is you've mixed way to thick to start with and your moving at the pace of a sloth... As soon as your gear touches the water it starts setting put it this way you should be mixing for first coat around 13l of water per bag atleast (personally if I'm doing a big area on boards...
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    I need of a company to work for.

    Dude I know the feeling... I was driving trucks after coming out of the army I was working 60+ hours a week starting at 4am not getting home till after 7pm most days it's wank anyone that enjoys it genuinely has a massive screw loose!! I was very lucky in the fact that my in law is a spread and...
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    Site to domestic

    So what I've established is the following. - buy a transit custom customers love it and think your the dogs for having a 40k van when a 500 quid rat will do - talk to the customers like they know nothing... Give em a good slap if their out if line - make sure you throw plaster everywhere and...