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    Eze on ebay

    Together we stand United
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    Trowel fires

    Sounds like you got a problem on your hands there. My guess is cheap steel I hope your not skimming with a draper lol
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    spraying acrylic

    I bought an eze 24 at the beginning of summer and I think it's great I'm doing some of the best acrylic jobs of my life at the moment with it.
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    Is this mesh anygood

    If its genuine sps mesh it should be good stuff. I use sps but the scrim they give me is not that colour
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    Contractors & Sub Contractors - CIS Changes and CITB Levy Change

    You must be doing well then bobby. When I looked you needed like a 300k turnover for gross status. Good on you if hitting those figures
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    Nearly 50

    The best thing you can do is hire one first and see if it works for you. The first machine I bought it never really worked and I wasted a few bob so the second time around I hired one first to make sure it was the right machine for me and for the work I was doing. Thankfully it's working out...
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    Anyone fancy rendering this gable??
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    Spraying 1.5 mm silicone on to a painted house??

    If the background is sound flat and smooth the finish will go on nice but I would contact the topcoat supplier first to make sure the primer is suitable for the surface your going over. The last thing you want is it all coming off in a few months
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    How to clean dirty hand marks of Nano.

    I had a similar problem a few weeks ago one of the guys got bitumen on the topcoat when painting the plinth, he tried scrubbing it away but it just made the area around it fade. I stippled some of the topcoat over it with a small paintbrush (dabbed it on the wall not brushed ) it looks fine now...
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    Sto dear.

    They must of layed that on with a guager
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    VAT registered?

    If your labour only you should register for flat rate VAT you charge 20% on your invoice but only pay 12% on your VAT return. No good if you supply and fit tho.
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    0.5 silicone

    0.5?? You could put that on with a paint roller lol
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    sponge floats and basecoat

    It's called cerica it's made by the people who make lock tight