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    k rend thin coat

    As long as you like as long as it's not collecting dust, algae growth etc
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    profile beads

    Put them on before the insulation is fitted x x
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    Basecoat help required. !!

    Listen to daddy brown. Use a stone or the toe of an old trowel to get rid of the worst lines and then mix yourself a wet slurry mix of basecoat and apply to the wall as tight as you can putting more pressure on the heel of the trowel so you are leaving no lines. Any lines you have left just...
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    top coat wont go off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Never primed a mineral job in my life
  5. richardbrown

    mono thickness

    Just bead the house straight not upright
  6. richardbrown

    Acrylic/silicone finish

    I have hand applied smooth no problem!?. Finish with sponged parinter and paint
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    180 mm fixings

    Have you got a link from the supplier so I can try them pls
  8. richardbrown

    180 mm fixings

    That's twice what I pay for the **** fixings. You're right worth every bean
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    180 mm fixings

    Use hilti drills and bits. How much are you paying for a box of 200? Have you got a link etc from the supplier you use. I'm very happy to buy in bulk
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    180 mm fixings

    Morning lads, Can anyone recommend where to buy DECENT 180mm fixings with metal pins?. Really fed up using the crap that Parex, Mapei and the like specify as notated how well you drill the hole they rarely sit flat to the wall. The best ones I have used are the Marmorit fixings but you...
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    top coat wont go off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're all mad. Use a mineral system then equalise with silicone, buy yourselves a decent diesel space heater and get the job done!.
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    Gypsum and stainless steel

    I used stainless 15mm stop bead as they were for my fireplace. Just had a woodburner fitted with a stainless flue, handles etc so wanted to see an edge of a stainless bead against the slate. Yeah maybe I need to go back to college you cheeky cont lol.