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    Advice on render type

    nhl 3.5 lime only or your in for trouble
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    Crying client.

    yes they do... keeps me in beer money ;)
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    Waterproofer in OCR

    1 cap full of freeflow per bag should do the trick or you could paint with unigrund to stop the suction
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    Mono experience wanted

    Hi Johnny im pricing a little 160 m2 job in durham today if i get it i will message you
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    K rend , blockwork showing solution

    to thin... and also plasterers should have known to put Lanko latex (parex) or K-rend alternative in if any chance of ghosting at all... put an acrylic over the top
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    Redundant ewi firms!!!

    I think they have all gone back to Romania after driving the prices down to £16 per M2 for a full system or stayed here and claim benefits now
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    Mono over sandstone

    rendaid is used over thermalite which is soft and good enough... however i would still key the sandstone first as it can be flaky.. cut some grooves in with a grinder for piece of mind mate
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    Re-coating shoddy damaged Krend

    parex maite over the top with mesh to level out and acrylic or silicone winter mix on the top
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    S and c scratch

    no chance... base coat will take 7 days minimum to cure in this weather...
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    Rendering over gabian baskets?

    do them with nhl 5 lime render 3 coats and leave 150mm at the bottom for water to escape
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    Anyone know how this was achieved?

    you dont put wet dash on with a hawk and trowel ... you use a bucket and harling trowel and chuck it on...
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    advice please

    best to form hard angles on dashing, just get your mate to hold derby up and dash each side... simples... i wil post a how to do it video soon
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    even the sun on a angle will show anything up thats why on site work your allowed 2 hours for the sun to pass onto a better angle...