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    I've heard of a big local bricklaying company paying eastern Europeans £50 a day and training them on site. I'll get my mate to send me the quality of work they're churning out on £600k houses...
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    complete plastering tool kit ?

    Bet she's a great cook too.
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    Lovely day for dashing what did everyone else get up to?

    That customer is not right. That customer is a c**t.
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    Any hse specialists?

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    Any hse specialists?

    I didn't go home dead this day. Bonus.
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    complete plastering tool kit ?

    Same, I just don't know where any of them are....
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    complete plastering tool kit ?

    Feck spending £11 on a Stanley knife. I usually lose them before I've blunted the blade.
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    Hasnt earned a penny on that job....

    Here's one I did a couple of weeks back. Speedskim and mt. Halogen down lights shining down it.
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    Skimmers Harrogate

    Only been an hour @Marshy!
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    Striking timber (bands and quoins)

    Another vote for cheap cooking oil here.
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    Funeral this Friday all welcome

    Agreed. I don't think there's anyone on here I wouldn't enjoy a pint with..... as long as we didn't talk politics!
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    Insulated board fixings.

    Building regs requires mechanical fixing for insulated boards in my area.
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    Insulated board fixings.

    Ancon insofast insulated board fixings. Get mine off the Internet.
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    Brisbane, Australia says HI!

    Stick another prawn in the barby!
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    Insulated board fixings.

    Dunno about the plastic ones. I use these.