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    Skim over artex ceiling

    Don't be so hard on yourself, looks fine to me..........
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    Best Trowel

    Marshalltown for laying on and flattening. Nela flexy for finishing.
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    Half time.

    I only ever use it for patching in and it's usually gone within an hour of laying on
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    Half time.

    It does work. But be careful how much you put in, especially if only mixing a small amount of plaster. Went solid half way through mixing with me before!
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    Pregrit - any good?

    Each to their own mate but I will never go back to using PVA. Unless I'm paying for it ha!
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    Pregrit - any good?

    Bostik grit is quality. Not cheap but I dont pay for materials so who cares haha
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    Whats with the sarcasm? He's answered your question reasonably there. You didn't give any details about the job, size, detail, height etc so unless you give exact details how do you expect someone on here to give you a price for a job they haven't seen lol
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    Newly skimmed walls - is this an acceptable finish?

    That's a terrible finish. No excuses. If you haven't handed over any cash yet, don't even think about it. Get the plasterer back that did your other room if you were happy with their work.
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    Pva advice

    Works perfectly fine for me mate ‍
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    Pva advice

    Use pregrit instead of PVA
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    Best Masking Tape

    Either one would work fine. Each to their own i suppose.
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    Best Masking Tape

    Frog green
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    Best Masking Tape

    Frog tape
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    Rendering celcon blocks