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    Learn to spray plaster

    I would depending on price and location
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    Beadfix tape

    Used some of the orange beadfix tape today... it was actually pretty decent....on the edges that were actually straight. Decent little product. Anyone else used it on here ?
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    S&C render. How to prepare?

    Weber ocr rubbed up looks identical to sand and cement once completed. Sbr rendaid or render grip the background Weber ocr (one coat) Sponge up
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    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    It does as a last resort mate. Can be a right nightmare and a mixture of staples nails and adhesives! Can be a right ballache ...Plastic flexi beads are much better. The time you spend mucking about with stop Bead you might aswell hop in the van and go to a merchants for the flexi
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    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    Plastic arch bead or stop Bead. Problem solved
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    Webber without bead

    Going to get streaks within weeks
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    Plastering over Artex

    Evostick or uni bond pva. Diluted down. 2 coats of multi over the top.. (add a few handfuls of bonding to 1st coat if the pattern is deep). Multi finish is fine.
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    Cement stains

    I will look into this. Thanks mate
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    Cement stains

    Hi guys. Anyone got any advice on removing cement stains from I****n sand stone ? Did some research and its an absolute minefield. Acid is a no no apparently turns slabs orange ?
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    Rendering over pebbledash

    Sbr slurry, scratch then top coat. Mesh in scratch if worries about potential cracking
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Wear kneepads when pebble dashing!
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    Sbr slurry

    Yes mate slurried for a key. I coated it on thick with a brush then stipple it with a roller. Scratched it today and it went on lovely :)