Dewalt flex volt batteries


Hi chaps

Looking at buying the dewalt cordless mixer (have the corded one already)... im looking at either the 6amp or the 9amp batteries... is there much noticeable difference In the power? Mostly using it for skim and a few bags of bonding/hardwall on domestics.

Yeah get 9ah batteries. I get around 18 bags of skim to a full charge but they’re 4 year old batteries now I reckon you’d probably get half a pallet to a brand new one though :ROFLMAO:
Ive got 9amp and a 6 amp works ok for domestics, very happy with the drill overall but would like the slowest speed to be a bit slower.
I’ve got two mega mixers and a transformer going unused now. Can’t see me going back. 9ah better, less chance of being caught out with flat batteries with them running much longer.