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    Struggling now!!!

    Plan your exit from plastering mate.
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    How long before we're in trouble with money?

    Government needs to make sure food is readily available for those who need it most.
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    How long before we're in trouble with money?

    Personally I think we should do whatever is required to recover as quickly as possible then the economy will recover quickly
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    How long before we're in trouble with money?

    Problem with Italy and Spain is they have large black economies...around 50% or more work cash in hand.
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    For sale

    You can claim if working...I don't think the government care they want the economy to keep going as much as possible, they will get the money back one way or another.
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    How long before we're in trouble with money?

    Hopefully everyone will be ok with the government grants they were very generous and should cover most peoples outgoings. The main issue seems to be with newly self employed...I guess they will have to rely on universal credit.
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    No lime.

    I've always used to use Cementone integral waterproofer, just half the dosage in the top coat. 4-1 both coats...been past many jobs I did 15 years ago and still looking good today.
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    Either way man made or not this world is becoming more dog eat dog by the day....this is probably just the beginning.
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    Thats why i voted tory & backed boris!!!

    Agree there was so much litter around after the storms my city looked like a sh*t hole...If I was running the show anyone capable not work or low risk prisoners would be keeping our streets spotless.
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    Thats why i voted tory & backed boris!!!

    You know to claim this grant we have to wait for HMRC to call us? They usually call on a withheld number. When will they call?
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    Thats why i voted tory & backed boris!!!

    Great news...but we will be paying for it with NI contributions in line with employed later on. Nothing is free!
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    update on our sites

    Personally I think all construction sites will close but the government know most workers live hand to mouth and are trying to delay closing as long as possible until they have a solution for financial support for self employed otherwise they will be plunging alot of people into poverty
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    Petition...keep the pressure on.

    We are all hoping the government will provide a comprehensive financial support package for self employed ASAP...there is a possibility it will come soon but we need to keep the pressure on. Please sign and support this petition that is gaining pace...
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    update on our sites

    Anyone on here think plastering classes and 'essential work'?
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    Genuinley confused?????

    Agree very unclear and my guess is the reason for that is if he says self employed must stay home then surely liable to cover their wages? They are trying to worm out of it...also a Boris fan but if he doesn't support us he has lost my vote.