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    Never heard it sounds gay as fuk
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    virus, change of mind yet

    Fuk knows ??
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    Lath and Plaster

    Yes it was chris I know him
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    Small k rend job

    Yes sandtex is a good exterior paint
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    Small k rend job

    That going to discolour no matter what render you use . Water will get through the joints in the coping stones eventually. I'd just use a pre bagged render and let them paint it
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    Dewalt Cordless mixer

    Oh they don't like drywall that's for sure
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    Dewalt Cordless mixer

    The lads on our site have had them 2 years almost a d there still ok . Saying g that my refina is 20 + and still going strong
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    Dewalt Cordless mixer

    I'll get one definitely if the megamixer packs In
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    good morning all

    Yes on fuking 3 story awkward bastards
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    good morning all

    I'm off to dab this pile of shite
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    Opinions wanted

    I've used most of imo there all decent anything better than lugging a belle mixer about
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    Mega mixers dog shite

    Had mine over 20 years works perfect. But I only use it for dabbing and floating use a shitty makita 750w for skimming
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    Time for another van

    Yes I like them good motors