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    Andy would you say your a glass half full or half empty type of guy?
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    New apprentice.

    How much do you charge your builders for a 1st, 2nd & 3rd yr apprentice if on day rate?
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    Same as but you can one coat it if you want
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    Does this look right?

    These guys/girls could not repair this work, you could attempt it yourself with an electric sander & filler but you’ll be a while & as mentioned the prep was probably none existent so it may well start to blow soon. Sorry but the fact that your asking on here and even considering letting them...
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    Tell my doctor tht...
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    I’ll show him my arse cleavage if he wants...
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    It’s fine, I’ve had it twice, early night & a lemsip sorts it right out...
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    Caught red handed

    We had a tramp take our lunch from our shop front canteen in Blackpool yrs ago lol. To be fair he only took the food, I don’t blame him because the labourer had to knock the shed down on the back of the job he was living in but he went abt it the wrong way.
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    Flating rock

    My mate put ghostbuster on a customs/immigration card once and they almost refused him entry...
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    Patchy krend ??

    I’ve never used it but yeah I believe they are colour coded. I think it soaks in to it too rather than laying on top so it doesn’t affect the finish, (pits etc.) if so you might fine you still have the smooth areas around your worms, (first pass line) but I’m sure it will look better. Stick some...
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    Patchy krend ??

    Auto correct!!! “Put your”
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    Patchy krend ??

    As mentioned it sounds like you’ve scratched back to your first pass, next time try and again it your 2nd coat on thicker and or flatter so you don’t have to take so much off. You also get small white powdery dots if you have hydrated bits of K-rend in the bag which haven’t mixed during mixing...