Hello new to here been a plasterer 7 year just a quick question ive got a little porch to render and im giving this rendagrip a go ive painted on with a brush and leaving it till tommorow but someone told me you can render straight on no scratch coat and someone else said to scratch coat, will it be ok to just render straight on 1 coat. Cheers.


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I don’t know if you can one coat it but I would scratch it myself to straighten the walls and give some suction for the top coat


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Does this rendagrip work on painted surfaces got the front of a house to do over thick pebbledash
So i used it 1 coat onto the blocks then 1 coated sand cement render next day went on perfect and sponged good definatly be using it again, and groove37 ive just read on the site it cant be used on painted surfaces.