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    Is this a job well done?

    U haven’t got to be a plasterer to know that, that is shocking!
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    Weber accelerator

    Ok mate cheers, re do job looks like only solution
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    Weber accelerator

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Who the f**k is this guy.Granted I have only used this Weber stuff on about 4/5 Other jobs before and never had an issue with it Except for 1 wall today. thats got 2 ‘’halos’’ On it all the other walls were fine!! I ent just gunna give up iam going to put it right!! That’s why...
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    Weber accelerator

    That’s what I thought at first but defiantly Didn’t scratch it that far back. The circle part just seemed like it had set faster and couldn’t get a scratch on it. Just couldn’t figure out why
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    Weber accelerator

    Can anyone tell me what has caused them 2 circles? rest of the wall rubbed up fine. It all had a base coat first, then 2 layers of Weber! them 2 circles just wouldn’t scratch up.
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    Weber accelerator

    Unfortunately it wasn’t 13c this morning where I was in Birmingham, was f**k**g freezing until about 12 o clock
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    Weber accelerator

    Iam using the one coat Weber Render next week, I normally put it on about 3 o’clock in afternoon, cover it all up and scratch it up early the next morning. If I used render accelerator And I have got it all on at 10am, realistically what time will it scratch up? What’s the best accelerator to use?
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    Render mesh

    I have Used it a few times on some badly cracked walls. Never had any issues
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    Plasterers Solutions ltd

    I saw bags of this today at a builders merchants, they said it was polish plaster, so not British then!
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    Leaving wooden corners in.

    Yep. Happened to me few years ago since then always cut them out and Then stick the new beads on and fill!
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    Hi all, is anyone in any needed multi finish in date £6 a bag cash. In surrey

    Didn’t bulk buy it did u? Now u can’t get rid of it!?
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    Bad Plaster Job Advice Please

    They have fed u a load of s**t! Any decent tradesman would at least come back and look if there was a problem, not just text u a 3 page text!!
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    Help!! How to fix semi set plaster that’s not been trowelled / pressed in time :(

    Re skim it! Give it a Good few coats of pva mix. And defiantly don’t do it all at once this time!!
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    Bad Plaster Job Advice Please

    Unfortunately mate, it Sounds like you’ve been had over, The finish down to the skirting board is terrible!!