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    refina skimming rule

    Yeah right about the pole etc with it being refina only and not a universal one. Cant really knock any of the refina gear always durable reasonable price. It suits me but maybe not the next bloke. I have their plazis flexis and skimming spats all good gear. Got a few of the premium trowels and...
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    refina skimming rule

    Nice tool to use on final 1 or 2 passes its like a big flexi but held straighter
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    Apprentice plasterer

    The youth of today created by us. Sad but true.
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    Guess who's back on the trowel

    Purple aki harassed a few young rugby league players in my town warrington. Think he had all sorts of court orders against him. Quite a troubled individual.
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    The champions guide to uni finish.

    On about saying what people think about eachother. Me and a good friend had an honesty hour telling eachother what bugs us most about one another. We called it off after 10mins. It started quite civil you leave your flat brush in the water etc... then the personal slagging off started haha. We...
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    Levelling up wall

    Employ a plasterer
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    Nearly new!

    Handboards are for the grafters of the trade. Hawks are for the fannys. #southernsofties
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    My turn for tennis elbow

    Anti inflammatory pills. Rest, ice, Strapping. Pain killers get you through however they just mask the problem and usually you end up worse.
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    Help required

    Stainblock or undercoat the line
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    Knee Pad Survey

    My knees are creasing me at the moment and never wear knee pads yet I know it would help. They feel bulky and awkward. I used to get a clout around the back the of the head if my old fella caught me kneeling, was told a plasterer should never be on his knees unless hes praying.
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    Calories Per Day

    Plenty of water also
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    Calories Per Day

    5000 and below i would thought and thats for grafting. Not to eat empty calories that is foods that give you no nutritional value. Slow release carbs and protein where you should be getting calories from
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    PLasterer Owed Money

    The spread was warned and had to be told to calm down. He was close to tears more of the fact he was lied to for the past 2 years and he had believed him hurt him the most. Im bad enough if someone owes me tenner but 6k
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    PLasterer Owed Money

    Ok thanks. Think what it might be is im using the old app! Should i be using the the website or tapatalk.?
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    PLasterer Owed Money

    Going off topic abit here as i cant start a new thread. Got home before and wife says watch this judge rinder i taped. Ffs cant be arsed with that. Just watch it its about a plasterer, turns out a spread was owed 6100 off a joiner who said he hadnt been paid off the job so couldnt pay the...