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    Scud coat

    What was funny about my quote?
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    Scud coat

    Have anyone painted on SBR neat onto an old scratch coat then rendered over? I once had small render job to do where old render had been knocked off, I tried this and it seemed to work well, and I haven’t heard anything back about it, so must be ok
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    More crazing

    The only problem would be if the crazing showed through the paint where would I be? I don’t think it will though as I see lots of crazing in unpainted render, and none in painted. Probably the best option for him would be acrylic it
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    More crazing

    I rendered a house in December, mixed everything same as usual, only difference I used frostproofer in the mix, it had crazed to the extreme, when damp after rainfall but cracks not visible when dry. Thing is the client is blaming me. Although he told me at the time that he was going to paint...
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    pral m

    Put rendaid on Monday, leaving 3 days as you said, Putting on tomorrow, forecast gives cloudy with 7 deg high, if I use wickes accelerator, will I get same day scrape? If so how many ml per bag do you recommend? Thanks
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    pral m

    How is pral m setting over rend aid at this time?
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    Waterproofer on part of wall. Tricky one

    Looks like that is the width the chimney is going out through the roof at that point, so either the lead tray is too low, or likely no lead tray in it, have seen this before where tray was too low, so moisture gathers up in tray and seeps into room instead of seeping down the roof, but if no...
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    Hasnt earned a penny on that job....

    Agree 100%, and any plasterer that says they don't know what their doing or anything like that, don't have a clue what their talking about
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    Fixing bad Sand & Cement

    Personally I'd wet dash straight onto, the rough render finish would actually make a good backing coat for wet dash finish, would be the cheapest most reliable finish
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    Also clients think it's a finished job, but if they don't keep it clean it looks horrible , whereas sand cement painted stayes cleaner, and cheaper in the long run. Maybe I'm too fussy should just take money and run lol
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    Hate mono, yes looks good at the time, but couple of yrs later takes the pride out of your work by how bad it weathers
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    Is plastering worth doing?

    Do your lorry test it's easy carried, take on the cornice business and give it every ounce of power you have to make it a success and if it doesn't work out for you, you have lorry driving to fall back to
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    Sand and cement anyone ?

    Artistic good drawers
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    Just typical mono finish takes dirt like s**t to a blanket, rubbed up sand and cement painted far superior job, the old tried and tested finish, cream always comes to the top
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    Price increase

    Labour should rise 17% as well