Your queen bids you play with your bishop!


Queen Jess Elizabeth I
So chess!

@John j

And whoever else!

Can play each other online with an app. I just downloaded this one.


Anyone game? :rebotando:
It's like watching glaciers move.
We went to the pub with some mates. We were having a laugh etc. There was a chessboard. We decided to have a game. Four hours later it had become the most intense game of couples chess :rayos:

Si made two moves for us without my permission and lost us pieces both times.... there was nearly a bloodbath :mad:
But the nobody else could see.

Algeeman has already started the game with board the wrong way round, started with black, got a lighter for a knight and cant remember who's go it is.

It'd save some of that, I suppose

And that's before hes had a drink!!!!
I’m gonna make everyone’s queens my little bitch! .........I’m gonna make their kings bitches! ....... MY KNIGHTS GONNA f**k THEIR KINGS UP THE ARSE WITH THEIR MASSIVE STEED DICKS!!!!! Whaaaaaaat.....
you have got to cut down on your herbal tea jess,...sending you over the edge