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I've just been to look at a job that's papered but I've been told that the ceiling has a lime / white wash on it. The paper on the ceiling has started to come away probably due to this. Once the paper is off and before I skim it what's it best to wash it off with before hand ?


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If you use a primer like stabilex gyp-bond, plasterers grit the only guarantee you got is the plaster a stick to that.
Whether the primer sticks to the white wash is anyone's guess. The weight of that an the plaster could just pull off together once dry.
Big K has given the most fail proof option.
Think of the costs of trying a primer skimming it an then having to re board when it comes of to re boarding and skimming once.


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Just board it like others have said ... not worth the hassle if the plaster does blow and the comebacks .

Jobs like that I price to overboard now ... if they want a cheaper solution then I say im not interested .... nothing worse than offering advice to a customer ... they take the cheap route then it pisses you off when your doing the job and struggling (should) something happen


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if you don't want to overboard you can take paper off and with hand hot bucket of water and a big sponge wet and wipe or a weak solution of pva leave for 10 mins and scrape away.
I have done a fare few like that as customer wants the cheapest route as they all do ,
its all about price in this game.
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