Where is the best price to get a new kitchen?

Ikea? it’s a night mare to get piping round the back and electrics with Ikea units well I can say that is utter bullshit , tbf I’d advise good quality work tops from somewhere else though and find a local sole trader as your kitchen fitter , also be prepared to not have a kitchen for two weeks , rip it out and rip out the whole lot don’t pancy around leaving the sink in etc so you can have a cup of coffee etc
Good luck
it’s a night mare to get piping round the back and electrics with Ikea
My preference is Howdens for many reasons the only thing I don't rate are there appliances...I buy the shell then fit out with appliances for AO.com
Unless you get one of the other retailers to do it for you and then work from that. I know what some will think of this but when you look at some of the ridiculous prices that they charge for their MDF cabinets its justified.
Magnet tried to get £1300 of me for a crap tall cooker cabinet. Lol I could buy a decent car for that.
And DIY have free tea and coffee and biscuits. That was enough to get us to drive up there.
What type of bickies?
anyone but Howden

tried sold us 2 kitchens

sat in the garage for a month before they took the rest back
Never buying biscuits, but happy to eat a whole pack someone else has bought. Squeaky as John.
It was a joke.
Just.bought some new socks. Any good @Vincey
I thought it there good it's a.bonus as I can save on electric and wash em all every 12 days if their s**t I can where to pairs at same time anyway
Where is the best price to get a new kitchen?
I've fitted quite a number of kitchens, over the years - mostly supplied by Howdens.

Howdens quality is OK. Not poor, not amazing. One thing that does piss me off about them is that they almost never deliver a full order on the due date, and it's a pain in the arse having to chase them up for missing components when you should be concentrating on fitting the damn thing.

Having said that, they have some really decent, helpful staff working at their branches.

Avoid B&Q off-the-shelf generic cabinets - they are made somewhere in Eastern Europe and they are appalling quality. Absolutely shocking.

Diykitchens.com are, I would say, one notch above Howdens, in terms of quality, but you can't just drive down to a local branch (unlike Howdens) if you have a problems or need to replace a damaged component, etc. However, if you are willing to tolerate the inconvenience of ordering online, then Diykitchens.com are worth considering.

I've never fitted a Wren kitchen, and they pitch themselves as better than average, but I've seen quite a few mutterings of discontent on various kitchen-fitting forums, from past reading.

Whoever you go with, for the love of god, please don't make the rookie error of trying to economise on worktops. Economy laminate is garbage, not fit for purpose, and I absolutely guarantee you will regret it if you buy cheap worktops. Approximately £120 is the beginning of acceptable laminate, with quality improving as you climb higher in price. Below that, you'll be throwing your money away on paper-thin laminate with sub-par blistered post-formed front edges. If you stand about 3 metres away from budget laminate, in the right light, you will see the front edge of the laminate is blistered / not fully glued to the chipboard substrate. This makes it insanely fragile and it fractures when it gets a light knock with something hard. Budget laminate also has unacceptably thin top surface layer that doesn't yield a reliable result when routing joints etc. It's actually so absurdly thin that you can often see the texture of the underlying chipboard showing on the top surface, instead of it being glass-smooth. Imagine if you put a paper-thin slice of cheese on a ryvita cracker - it wouldn't stay smooth.

Another thing to watch out for with chipboard laminate worktops is that the ones with a 100% flat front edge (I mean no post-formed roll-top / radiused front edge) may look nice, but, over the longterm, they have a tendency to allow water to penetrate and then the front edging tends to 'blow'.
You’re a barrel of joy aren’t ya bet you got all the party guests going mad
benchmarx are tidy enough. not as good quality as howden but not far off.
£you should be able to get them eating out your hand with a 10k budget. i’d leave it another month though. closer to xmas they’ll be gagging for it! especially howden . they’re like a pack of bitches running round there in nov /dec. can’t give it away quick enough.
im in same boat.
got prices from magnet howdens and benchmarx...

magnets were 3k more.
howdens wasnt tooo bad but appliances only their own brand.

so were now going with benchmarx. cant fault customer service.. units look decent enough amd they use blum hinges as standard which im told by many are the rolls royce of hinges.. lol

wait till the order arrives. Or doesnt as the case will be. Youll soon regret it. Blum hinges are the best though
Howdens came out today, got to go and discuss Monday after work and look at plans, he said October sale is on but no pressure but 25% off this week