What time do you go to work at?.

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Drop daughter at school, materials then start. Forgot her pe kit this morning, so back home, got to work 9.55, but normally start 9.30ish. Used to get a few tuts in the past when siteworking, but more and more lads in same boat now.


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in the summer I spend very little time working so its a small price to pay in the winter :D

I am more productive between teh hours of 10pm and 2am than all day


Today I'm scratch coating a house about ten miles away so out of bed at 6am,make a bit of lunch and have a couple of cups of coffee.Leave the house around 7am which is a bit early but we have to move the mixer to the job to get set up for 8am.It will still be dark enough at that time but by the time a good mix is in we'll be ready for action.If I'm in Dublin I have left the house as early as 5.30 am.

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Been signing onto site at 6.15 am last three weeks,get a good gauge on by 8 .Dont give a toss about being a greedy bustard.if it's there go for it
Nice one ,wish I could do that,
I'm a bit jealous of that ...flipping domestic and don't get mix on till 9.30 10am,
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