What the hell is jumbo stud?!

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As stated the guy has said this wall needs to be jumbo stud according to building surveyor... Me :eek:k what's that.
Him :dunno...



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It's jumbo haha goes from about 50mm to 150mm I think last time I saw it used was on a factory unit they were doing walls about 18 m high that was years ago

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I think jumbo stud is about 150mm but the gauge of the stud is thicker than standard stuff, but saying that I might be wrong lol

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" jumbo studs" :rolleyes: , funny that a building surveyor refers to the size of studs , according to Bg is anything above 50 mm, if remember right. Saying that, nowadays the most popular studs on site are anything up to 70 mm. For walls higher than 4-5 meters studs from 90mm onwards are used with flat plate and c/c 350-400 mm. Metsec is used on external walls only, where you have to fix cement boards, cladding etc.

You should ask him for jumbo screws , just before you start to see his face:D