Weber OCR on to render board

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I’m a novice at rendering and was looking for some advice on how to render the front if my garage. It’s a brick garage which has timber extension on the side. I recently rebuilt the side and boarded around the door frame with render carrier board. I’m now looking to render across both substrates but was unsure if Weber OCR will stick to the RCB. Can anyone tell me if this is suitable, or if not then what is the best render to use?



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Ok thanks.
Would k rend hp12 be any good? If so, can it be floated and painted or does it need the silicone top coat?


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What ever your proposing to use on board, it needs to be an adhesive rather than a render so Weber ocr is a no. They can be sponged up to receive paint sure,but If your a novice renderer I wouldn't be practising on the front of your house to be fair.