water board liability

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last thursday, after getting aprox 20% through 2nd coat of fassa, the water board turned off water to fix a sudden leak in the village i weas working in. i had no idea it was going to happen. of course i struggled. i want to redo the flank but got to wondering if i am entitled to any comp from water board. was the last gable and now payment is on hold. this cant be right?


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If it’s an emergency there’s not much you can do about it. If they were to stop work for everyone that needed water it would never get fixed.


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thanks. its a builders own house and its his attitude thats pissed me off
We put on every quote that we require a reliable supply of both water and electric.
This way if the unexpected happens, as it has to you, the onus is on the builder not you for any problems caused.
Doesn't really help you now though.


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nah was just on a hand shake. its just like in the old days with the architects/site agents not listening to us about what was going to work and what wasn't.
mono has drifted down to small builds, extensions etc. Now its inexperienced little Sir Alfred McAlpines that think they know everything.
The bloke said the other week he thought I was putting on twice as much as I should be. I pointed out that i was 2mm over the beads, and that I had to take excess back off as part off the finishing process. So why would I put on anymore than I had to. Whats the point in asking us with nearly 20 years experience to do a new concept to them and then get it in thier donuts that they know better.
This guy has annoyed me big time.