Washing work clothes

Fuckineii @Vincey!!!

I really really try not to rip the f**k out of yer BUT seriously...

Really think you need to get a hobby or knock out some kids or summet...tha must have to much time on yer hands!!!

My work clothes been known to go a fortnight and fuuuck me ironing???

My missus dunt even iron kids school clothes!!!

Straight up question are you G**???

i think its more of a "mr bean" lifestyle.
Been off since Christmas just had 3 kidney stones removed pain was worse than giving child birth so they say got tube up me now so still in pain worst time off my life
No smart comments it's not nice trust me

Was that from coffee? I drink 3 lattes and 2 instant coffee s a day
I've got five t shirts, two hoodies, two jackets and two trousers. I go weeks without washing them or maybe one or two t shirts will find there way into the wash and I'll stick them on but sometimes I gather it all up from van and pile under stairs and give it all a wash. That happens once every couple of months
I don't need a room my Mrs said to me other day fancy a wank I was well up for it she went well go upstairs then I be up after you have finished
I don't need a room my Mrs said to me other day fancy a wank I was well up for it she went well go upstairs then I be up after you have finished
Fk me, it's like a scene out of mission impossible trying to get a wank in here
I've been known to post some boring stuff on this forum but I believe this is going to make for some really dull reading.... does putting work clothes in the tumble dryer break them. I've got another broken tumble dryer at home and I'm suspecting that maybe drying my work clothes isn't doing it any favours? Sorry guys in advance
I'll read this thread when I can't get to sleep
My Mrs irons all my work gear and it's laid out for me every morning pants socks trousers t shirt jumper then I go downstairs and coffee is waiting along with my cup for journey and flask and sandwiches I have asked why she does it she says she likes doing it although I suspect it's cos I'm a grumpy sod In mornings and if I can't find nothing will moan for around an hour so think she does it to save her ears
She wants you out the way so winston can come round
I dont use a tumble dryer or an iron...

A good dehumidifier will dry clothes quick enough :D Ironing as a waste of life :D
Zombie mate you know me well enough now to just tell me straight I never take offence bud , I honestly thought everyone is same mate my mum made me cook clean wash and iron at a very yo
ung age , suppose it's just kind of normal tbh , am married to a woman too mate[/QUOTE
Laundry will never be a washout again with a TPF laundry basket - isolated on your own, you'll feel every part a family member as usual