Van vault

Just think of all that experience he's willing to impart.
He's probably sat at home saying "f**k**g whipper snapper never listens and learns", I feel for him.
Trust me I definitely served my time with him, and I throughly loved “most” of it mate! Lol
I’m gonna light a
I only mix a bag a time , that'll do 2/3 boards , I have several mixing buckets and presoak for 5 min before I need the next one , no strain on my mixer , if you're running a gang then fair enough pay for a brushless , I have enough sense to not overload a motor , my old one is on its 3rd set of brushes a ,nd still as good as new , got a 110 and a new 240 as backup , may seem DIY to most but never had a problem and don't worry about getting it nicked lol
I never work in big houses where I could need to save a few minutes to mix 3 or 4 bags of dab
what sort of folk do you work for oh that’ll do for today kinda people a wall here a wall there no rush Keith tilers not coming for 3 months! Do you live in ballamory!
Just buy one , try it out , if you manage to kiill it , which I doubt , just leave it dirty on show and thieves won't rip your doors off looking for an expensive labelled one
Over the years all my neighbors with their high security gates have been robbed of tools from their barns and workshops , I have old 5 bar gate with no lock , never had a visit , dirt bikes , lawnmowers ,, piles of copper , thousands in push bikes , all unlocked

What's your address?