Used my new mediflex today

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I do t think I could physically be without my nela now. My elbow is playing up again. So much so that.... and I’m going to sound like a nob..... I’m flattening with mt, then quick flash over (no water and when I’ve left it a bit) with nelamax and then standard nela. Trying to take all pressure off my elbow. Should really start doing everything but laying on with my left hand... in fact that’s exactly what I’m going to do starting tomorrow!
How did that go did u keep to it and give yer squeaky elbow a break


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How did that go did u keep to it and give yer squeaky elbow a break
I think my elbow will always be slightly f**k*d. But it’s manageable still with the nela. My knees are starting to worry me now. They crack all the time. I’m going to be putting a lot of effort into my workshop for the future. Thanks for asking. Hope you’re keeping well bud


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Nowt wrong with the MT I still use them but these flexible trowels are a lot easier on my knackered shoulder
I used to think that. But there is not much difference. Use a good sharp trowel on the last rub. And use a flexible on the same rub see what the difference really is. f**k all tbh. If not any