TPF charity prize draw

You can swap the king rook position (left or right) as long as the king doesn't go into, or through a check. The king has greater protection, and the rooks are a more powerful force when they're together.

This is the lichess training bit on it.
Used to love that move, rare it happens but with pawns in right place it's a solid defence
“Queens I****n”.........There you go, my total chess phrase knowledge all in one go.......pffft.
My tuppence worth is to go on the flea bay thingy and see what the set makes, and make that the donation if it’s ok with the donor.
Yeah, mostly online although I also play old school correspondence chess by post. Me being me, I also go a step further (because I'm a tw4t) and seal each letter with sealing wax and emboss it with a stamp. :LOL:

That is quality
It's all down to the generosity of the members, I've just been clicking a lot of buttons . (y)
Licking up to them doesn't help, just mention the prizes like the £590 in the easter bonus ball and a runner up prize of a nela trowel of choice, just slip it in subliminal like