The tain is relentless

Said the same to my neighbour over road that he’d be better off starting work late spring next year as weather better and price of materials have a better chance of coming down.
He never listened and when roof was stripped off it pissed down for three days.
IMPATIENCE is the word your looking for.
Cant see materials coming back down anytime soon
Went for a length of oak skirting board to replace a bit in my house, £35, couldn’t believe it. Guy in Jewsons says some of the wood is starting to drop in price as no one was buying it.
Cant see materials coming back down anytime soon
I agree that they won’t go back down to what they were but do think the merchants totally took the piss and hiked the too high and it’s starting to bite them in the arse now.
Will get worse next year when the pinch starts to filter people’s finances down.
Diesel and everything else won't be coming down. New norma
Stop buying diesel /petrol... (I know impossible but just get bare minimum (eg to get you to work & back ) ....
Same with energy/ (I would rather freeze than give them fuxers my hard earned ...
Do not Purchase your foods stuffs from massive corporations... instead local farm shops ect (Non gmo) /(Grow your own ...