The Plasterers Arms Disco


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And today.:frio:


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Pfft... what a big lot of shite.

Fcuk getting into the van with any of you lot. That's all what gayers listen to, poofs and homosexualists.

The only person who suggested anything decent at all was @Marshy with his Tom Jones.

Allow me.



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@Stevieo those women in Boney M are pure wank material I'd smash them all while the afro guy dances around to RA RA Rasputin

I'm sure I've seen him dancing in Piccadilly gardens for change. After all, Jason Donovan sings in pubs for 50p. I bet he's not jealous of Kylie. No Sir, not him.



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Just found this........I don’t know why, but I love it........jeez dem paddy’s are after havin it good.....


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Excited to see these f**k**s in Belfast in a couple weeks too :) and noise controllers and ran d and sub zero project. (y)