The new faster plaster

A bit of an own goal with the advert on the bag. I have seen a lot of bad reviews due to the misunderstanding. This is what happens when accountants run big business. Yes sir, that's a great idea.
Exactly, when I spoke to the British gypsum rep, he said, he told gypsum, put the add on the multi and you'll cause confusion.
Your doctor probably drinks more than you. Lol
Yep, shouting screaming at you for what you drink. But get to there house first thing and I bet there is two empty wine bottles from the night before.
Seen it so many times when plastering loft conversions.
One of these is an advert, the others the actual bag of FastSet
I use loads of Fast Set and happy to pay the premium.
I regulate it by adding board finish if needed.
Not for the feint hearted or disorganised, but in the right hands keeps you busy for an earlier finish.