The new faster plaster


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Sounds like a good pension plan.
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One of these is an advert, the others the actual bag of FastSet


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Thanks for your decent reply. I've been in the trade for 34 years ( yes, old boy 62), I call the exterior back wall to the bedroom a window wall.
Gypsum have over the years produced there crap and I've called, written or emailed to say what the f@#k is this s**t. I have done so on this occasion of this ridiculous speed of the plaster.

I single Handley could do a 16ft x12ft ceiling no problem with the other plaster, but this new fast stuff, you'd require two plasters and a labourer.
Madness. They can't stop messing, Gypsum. Never know when they got a quality product. Lol.

Most of us dose the half don't need to use a full sachet...half might be enough depending on how quick you want it set. Having said that there was a plasterer on here knocking up 6 bags of that fast set in a wheelie bin?


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One of these is an advert, the others the actual bag of FastSet
A bit of an own goal with the advert on the bag. I have seen a lot of bad reviews due to the misunderstanding. This is what happens when accountants run big business. Yes sir, that's a great idea.