The MyBuilder experience

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A few years back I bought another van and had a guy doing loads of little jobs,re skims over artex,small patching rendering works etc
It just became a ball ache.being vat although fucks it


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I had an email from mybuilder last night demanding a photo of me for the profile.

I replied with "I give leaflets and cards out, have my own site, wear a polo with logo and name on it, the customer should know who i am"

"I'm not sending a photo, feel free to remove me from your site if needs be"

Probably get thrown off it, but I'm not fussed.

We have picked up again now, but I have had 4/5 calls from other plasterers wanting work which is a sign of how some are struggling.


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yeah i got asked for a photo. havent done it yet. some on there have put up photos of them holding their kids and babies ffs. probably to make them seem more likeable. they read every message that you send the customer as well. got warned a few times id be thrown off for mentioning the shortlist process. this was after they removed the start time feature where customers could state a start time. i.e i told the customer i was interested in the job but wouldnt be available for a few weeks and not to shortlist me if they werent prepared to wait. got an email to say not to mention the shortlisting or availability. not good
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