Tax Paid.

Pay 20% everyweek...still got £1800 bill + £730 for ni contributions....needs paying end of jan.
Why do i bother with it all !!

It's depends on what you earn
As a subbie you can only have 20% deducted by contractor.
You must of earn't half decent money for them to ask for £1800 extra

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It's normally 20% but u can let them know if u want 0%. A lot of lads stay on 20% so they don't get a c**t of a bill.

I was getting the forms from the revenue saying 0% on it then some saying 20%. I hadnt a clue so just left it all to my accountant to sort out. What i do know, the bastards kept some of my tax owed because i hadnt paid my property tax :( c**ts!
Sounds likk some had took 20% and some had not took any off you.
All in all you need to make up the minimum requirement (20%) based on what you have earned beyond the threshold.

You need to keep a very close eye on what contractors deduct or dont deduct.
Surely your i voices state 20% cis ?

It should tally at the year end