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I thought that kitchy but found it had just pulled out of the unit the smallest bit at one side, just pulled it back in and hey presto straight again lol
Nah its all way down the blade big k warped to owt dont get how like


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That's what I thought with mine, looked warped all way down, just try pulling it (as if you are stretching it) and down into the unit, hold it at very end. I'm not in work until Friday will show you before and after lol.
I'd bet it's same issue.


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The grey blade was only ever really good for 1 pass 2 if your timings were bang on.
Get the timing wrong and it ripped the skim up like a ploughed field.
First time I used it I fooked the timings up badly and nearly threw it in the skip.
Fast toward to the new blue blade I don't understand the science @Speedskim Scott maybe able to explain hower.

1 skim laid in.
View attachment 11849

2. First flatten with the speedskim
View attachment 11848

3 2nd pass with the speedskim.
View attachment 11850

4. 3rd pass with the speedskim.

View attachment 11851

5 a quick pass with s*p*r*lex/plazzy.

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image.jpeg image.jpeg Use speedskim on the plasterboard as well on the ocean wave lath n plaster ceiling just used me Marshalltown on first scratch n then layed using plazi n then speedy couple of times n spray a bit water finished with plazi them speedskims u can get any background flat/closed in if prepared prop