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looks like ideal an ideal prize for the dreamteam @Speedskim

Yeah absolutely, to be honest that's why we have dragged our feet with the prizes - massive apologies :-/ Was holding out for when this update was available..

I'll direct message you on the addresses ect for prizes John.

Regarding the New SF the composite design has been on a journey - much like the ST blade was at the very beginning. The stainless steel has been increased from 19mm to 55mm and is 0.3mm thick. The New SF has all the benefits of the old SF (co-ex rubber seal to prevent silt ingress for fast blade change, anti-lift design to prevent the back of stainless lifting). High bond 3M tape is used to secure the tip to the PVC. The 3M flexible tape allows the steel and the PVC to expand and contract at different rates to maintain straight blade in ranging temperatures.

The new tip has 4mm radius ends and is more or less good to go. Like all new plastering equipment it does benefit from a very short breaking in period. A lot of customers use as a dry trowel for a couple of days. This breaking in process can also be accelerated by using 200 grit flour paper (fine 200 grit sponge pads are great and can be purchased in B&Q etc)

A lot of customers loved the previous SF, but some did say they found it hard to get used to. Using this feedback (particularly from TPF Members), we decided to get stuck in and change some crucial aspects ie. width/dimensions of stainless steel. Those same Plasterers who found the old SF difficult to get used to are loving the New SF - saying is a whole new ballgame!

All equipment come with tough blade guards. Unfortunately the New SF is more expensive than its predecessor due to increased material costs.

Our recommendation for fastest plastering results is ST to flatten and SF to get that fine finish.

Hope that's all helpful :)
Had a 600 and a 300 sent to me today... looks pucker... nice feel to them... they have come a long way for sure

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Thanks Danny - glad they arrived safe with you!
An awful lot has gone into the design. Working with 3M on this has been a great step forward, even the assembly on the New SF is temperature controlled.
The new wide spring steel tip (from Sheffield) has a rolled leading edge. Following assembly the 4mm radius ends are buffed using 3M 200 grit sponge pads.
The intention is to reduce any further breaking in to an absolute minimum, so the Plasterer can achieve perfect finish straight out of the box! :)
Mine arrives tomorrow, love my blue blade one so hoping this will be good for an extra pass over ceilings....also not having it that someone can do 100% of a mix without a trowel as much as i love my speedskim

When we got on site today i was bolloxed, one of them days when you just can't be arsed to be there but needs must.

I put a good sized master bedroom ceiling on, bathroom ceiling and 3 walls in there. Whipped over it with my blue speedskim as usual, cleaned the tub out and gave my new metal speedskim a go for second trowel. Absolutely spot on straight away again. While i was sat there having a brew smugly watching my mate go over the rest of his walls i thought f**k it @theplasterman says he uses it start to finish and im knackered so im gunna try 3rd trowel with it and it was sound so i used it for a polish as well!

Only broke my mediflex out to tidy up around the light cable and a bit in the angles where i'd knocked them. Actually almost enjoyed the mixcus it was something new so much so that instead of f**k**g off at 12 as planned we threw a couple of other ceilings on and i troweled both of them up with speedskims as well.

I'm not going to lie and say they were the best ceilings i've ever done because they weren't but genuinely if thats how good i can get them on day 1 of sacking the trowel off then its only going to get better and for me now thats me trying to use it full time. Couldn't imagine putting big hits on without my plastic one now and it looks like this is the evolution for me on site work.

Im not on the speedskim books (but can be if they want) but thought it only fair to own up as it was only a few days ago i said i wasn't having that someone could do it to a decent finish.
How would you compare the new speedskim SF to the refina spatula? cause for me so far I would find it hard to go beyond the spatula.
FairPlay @thebearbeef ,
Sounds like you're a convert. I find them brill for the flatten but still use a trowel a bit. Anything that gets a good finish without the constant wrist and shoulder workout has got to be good. Got a ceiling reskim on Monday, going to do it all with my speedy's
How would you compare the new speedskim SF to the refina spatula? cause for me so far I would find it hard to go beyond the spatula.

Loads better, my mate has the refina but i find using it so early on just pulls the water to the surface and leaves scuff marks. The plastic speedskim is ideal it stays matt looking when you've been over it

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I bought the first speedskim and thought it was s**t
They went in the skip
It sounds like these designs are better so might give it a go[emoji106]

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Just ordered a 600 and a 1200 any advice on storage

Hi Richard,

We are working on something bespoke for best storage but unfortunately it wont be available till spring 2017. Its pretty cool so watch this space early next year.

In the meantime...

Its important that Speedskim equipment is stored correctly.
The ranges (including spare blades) all come with robust PVC blade guards. These should be fitted back on the blade when not in use and when being stored. This in its self gives good support and protection.

When storing in a van (as example) its important that no other tools or material are on top of the equipment. Ideally any storage solutions should be at least semi rigid.

To help I've inserted a link below to something fairly suitable. We would recommend something like this but strongly suggest inserting a 9mm plywood liner.

Please note the link below is a guide only and we cant vouch for any third party sellers.

Hope this is useful info.. :)

Hope you enjoy using your New design SF products...