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Aye it was. Still like to see your piss pot van though

Here he is, bit smaller than I thought he’d be! :love:


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I had builder phone me up yesterday acting the big man saying he had 2 empty houses to go at and had materials so wants a cheap price because he knows theres no work for you lads because of BG.

Conversion lasted 10 seconds after that and was made aware I'd come to his poxy houses and knock him out in front of all his muppet trades if he carrys on talking.

Was f**k**g fuming!!!!
Deffo a $#%& trick that.. well done


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Just had apallet of board delivered ..yip board not multi

I've got a lock up full pal. Cant tell you how much hassle and phone calls & favours it took.

It's a F*****g liberty & disgrace of a situation!

And no f**k off you cant have 5 bags!!! Xxx


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A customer has just replenished my stock with six bags of multi after a job I did for them at no charge to me


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Was sitting outside b and q In Kilmarnock and saw quite a few leaving with bags of multi. Guy who used to work for me said he just got a pallet so things must be getting back to normal.

Stu 58

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Surely the public must all have their 5 bags now and are wondering what they can do with it. When you go to do a domestic job there will be a cupboard under the stairs stuffed with toilet rolls and 5 bags of multi finish.