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Luke Wade

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Hi there, I am going to be sound proofing a house which the owners can hear there neighbours through a party wall.

I will be doing two upstairs bedrooms and the downstairs living room. The living room has two alcoves which are easy enough but I was wondering how to tackle the fireplace, I’ve read that fireplaces are often not the problem as they are well built to hold in heat and smoke.

However they want it done so I was wondering how to tackle sound proofing around the fireplace, the chimney breast to be more precise. I thought of baton and insulate with Rockwool, however batons near the fireplace am sure must be a fire hazard.

I also thought of dot a dab onto the plaster and use acoustic soundboard but i've herd that’s a no because it can fall off, wondered if I could use a grip fill or green glue on the plaster? Or another method of sound proofing the breast. They dont use the fire but its gased in and can be used.

Thank you
it is difficult to soundproof a room as noise will travel through both the ceiling and floor as well as walls.
sorry just read again where you said dabbing onto the plaster. are they against you taking it back to the brick? if so maybe tell them to shove it up their arse and stop being so difficult! ;)
I thought i could take it back to brick and dab but im trying to achieve sound proctections so dont really wanna be knocking off loads of plaster. I was thinking i could put some soundboard on with some adhesive like dryfix right onto the plaster, then secure with some mechanical fixings like some hammerfix screws?
Install a neon sign outside the neighbour' window.......when they make a lot of noise your customer can activate it....and it could read "SHUSH"...orrrr