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    Soundboard... is it worth the money?

    Hi there, Long story short, Walls are 2course brick, but can hear neighbours tv/music even on a low-ish volume. Going to have a reskim soon & Just looking at some possible soundproofing systems for the living room. I have seen a system online called Soundboard4, which you can just use...
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    I know the best way to fit soundbloc is to float the wall off a wall so there is no contact points with the original wall. However, while I was at college the Guy running the course said you can dot and dab soundbloc by running a continuous run of dab all the way around the board effectively...
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    Soundproofing Fireplace

    Hi there, I am going to be sound proofing a house which the owners can hear there neighbours through a party wall. I will be doing two upstairs bedrooms and the downstairs living room. The living room has two alcoves which are easy enough but I was wondering how to tackle the fireplace, I’ve...