Soooo I bought

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s*p*r*lex can finish Spray Finish 100%

Red were **** and warped. Blues have been fine unless I drop them
Good to know, the guarantee is essential, my world of work is different from yours, mostly refurbs and if I could six months on a total refurb, and often two months recovering from an op..


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Love the Speedskims, plastics and superflexs. Do whole sets with out a "real" trowel. If anyone would like to inspect any of it they are more then welcome.

With respect Currier, because you are one of the more decent guys on here ... Speedskims, plastics and superflexs might be ok if your spraying finish on board. But on reskims, on backing coats theres no need for them.

Reskims nearly always need straighting up with something better than these, and on backing coats a trowel is best.
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