small extinsion to render bit of advice

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hi all I got a small extension t render never done it before just need bit of advice I can float and set no problems at all.

the customer wants all stainless beads including bell bead along the bottom what size bead should I use I think they come in 10mm or 15mm?? ( the block work is thermulite blocks)

also do you scratch coat the wall before beading up or bead up as you wounld internally??

also across the head of the window would you use a bell bead or just a normal corner bead??

do you put the waterproofer in both coats or just the scratch coat??

thanks for you time

If you've never rendered before why don't you get someone who knows what they are doing and give them a hand, rather than potentially making a hash of a customers new extension.......welcome to the forum

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Bell beads are all one size I think, what I do is not what everyone does, I scud coat with sand cement 3/1 mixed with sbr water 3/1 this is splattered on in a sloppy mix, next day I would scratch coat with a six sand and one cement mix, fix beads and leave it so a 10/12 mm coat will finish it, a week later I would float coat at 6/1/1 sand cement lime, fibres in the first coat would be a good either and mesh at stress points,
others will reccomend OCR.
I think your going to have your work cut out Ashley if you have never rendered before especially on thermalite block!? I'm not having a go but if I were you I'd get somebody experienced to come along and give you a lift? No matter what gets posted here to help you there is no substitute for hands on experience. Depending where you are? One of the lads on here may be able to pop round and give some help? Best of luck :RpS_thumbup:
Best bit of advise you are ever, ever, ever going to get mate is DONT take on this job on your own!!!

There so much more to rendering than you will expect that has no relevance to internal work regardless of how competent at float and set!

I did a couple of very small jobs for the first time this summer with another spread and would have definitely. definitely have cocked it up and I geniunley thought I had it all sorted in my head.

You've got many factors that you have to understand substrate, chemicals, ratios, materials, timing of relevance coats, timing on when and not to rule,rub up etc!

personally I walked away with not a penny of money as the profit covered my mate being there. However the knowledge on how to complete the job next time and understanding of materials and process was priceless.

And most importantly the customers whom I have done many jobs for in the past were over the moon as was I with the result and I could look them in the eye and hadn't abused there trust!

If I was you mate ask any of the regular renderers on here if they would be interested in helping you out you will be genuinely gobsmacked at how much you would have got wrong and will be so relieved whilst having a few days spent that will stand you in stead for any future small jobs etc!

All the best mate!

If you find an experienced renderer then try to get the job on a day rate for both of you.
If you have to do it yourself then spend a couple of hours looking through old threads at least.
If you have never rendered before, my first bit of advice would be to go and learn how to render, and in future don't take on work your not capable of doing, be honest with people and refer them to a qualified plaster instead of trying to blag it and messing up someone's home.
hi thanks for your advice much appreciated its not a massive job its just one wall on the side which is about 14sqm and the front which is broken down with 2windows and a double French door I think im compertant enough to do one of the reason I jined the forum was to get other peoples in put and watched a **** load of videos on you tube lol I got a plaster I can turn to if it goes a pete tong that taught me internal stuff it have laboured on a few render jobs a few years ago time is on my side as its just getting picked up between the weather windows if worse comes to it I will bead up and scratch coat it and get my mate to do the top coat :)

thanks for your replies
jeffplast im not blagging no one if I muck it up I will pay to fix it how am I going to get experience if I don't do It bet you were me once who had never done a rendering job in your life we all got to start some where I will just get my granddad out of retirement to help me if it comes to it think he has enough experience to help me even if he just watches and give me pointers etc
I am doing 12m of render that was ruined, it will cost about 500 to 1000 to put it right,I would of done it for 500 at the start, make sure you do not render over the dpc level
yes ashly we all have to start somewhere you are right, but not on our own. i would love to fly a plane but no way would i go on my own until id been taught to fly,, what you said about bead up and scratch then get a mate to do the top coat sounds like a very good idea,, all the best which ever route you take , but i would seriously consider getting the top coat done by your mate or another experienced renderer
You have had some top advice from guys that have been doing it for years , best of luck with it mate, give grandad a nice drink :RpS_thumbup: hope it goes well
As Leebo said.
Maybe look at going to college or learn with a experienced plasterer. Getting someone to do the top coat is a good idea or get someone to help you, that way you'll be learning on the job.
And no I wasn't in your position at one time, I was taught how to do this and done hundreds of metres under the supervision of someone qualified before doing a job on my own,
I am doing 12m of render that was ruined, it will cost about 500 to 1000 to put it right,I would of done it for 500 at the start, make sure you do not render over the dpc level
and im only guessing but id guess it wont come with any guarantee , unlike if it was done properly in the first place
and im only guessing but id guess it wont come with any guarantee , unlike if it was done properly in the first place
No, I can't guarantee without an x ray vision,how could I or anyone, but period properties are hard to warranty anyway as the are subject to movement ,I would have caveats for all scenarios, alas I am not much good at arguing my point, honest
blimming hell I opened a can of worms here I not come on here to have an argument with everyone thought the point was to help each other and ask for help and advice and I am listening and taking it all on board im not an idiot if it goes wrong I will fix it out of my own pocket but I will probally pay someone to do the top coat for me I will do everything else and watch and learn with the top coat

thanks for your replies
Lol this gaff makes me laugh sometimes, the beads are the most important bit you **** these up i don't care what your finish is like it will look ****. Come on guys the game is not that easy, you have been told carry on. The good thing about this forum is we will also tell you how to fix it d
Ashley, what if you mess the scratch coat up. Then if your pals top coat fails it makes both you look like fools. It might be hard to get someone to top coat someone elses eork.
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