Small Bathroom in Leeds

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richardbrown said:
I feel sorry for you WM and if I was in your area i would do it for nothing to restore your faith

i die laffin if he went 'well actually it wasnt in leeds, it was in bournemouth'
dear god i hope and pray that no one from bournemouth is reading this..
its probably happening all over the country right now as we speak...
only reason i got a job booked on monday is cos its repeat work and they want me to do their mothers..
if not im sure someone else would have done it for a tenner..
that job that i got asked to quote the other day.. h/s/l on old board with lining paper..
reckons he's got someone to do it for 120 quid...
i really hope he rings me back when its done.. ill take some pictures..
Im going back to look at a job next week where I was beaten on price and I just dont see how they are gonna do it unless there on £50 per day .... I cant wait cause Im going to pick it to pieces just to make a point.

if you see any scrim showin at skirtin level just get the customer to give it a tug and then go 'OOPS!!' ;D
I did a job the other day where the builder used se board and dabbed the walls prior to me gettting there and they were as P issed as handcarts and i mean P issed, after i skimmed them there was the odd bit of scrim showing where and he started moaning about my skim is far to thin.....until i put a straight edge on the wall and showed him it was like skimming angles not a straight wall ...
del said:
perhaps you should have laid it on thicker mate, seen this loads of times with se board

Did you not read the above post ??? The boards he had dabbed were all over the place with big steps in them and high spots so couldnt help it Its not like I didnt try
yes richard, i did read it , but you still should not see the scrim, perhaps you didnt try hard enough ! :D
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